The Stone Thief

Session 5

A 3 hour tour.

The heroes flung the iron-banded door open and charged in to battle Garados once-and-for-all! Sadly, he wasn’t even there. Instead they fought a defense force of skeleton warriors, a half-built flesh golem, and Garados’ imp familiar in the illusionary guise of the foul wizard. Only with teamwork and determination were the party able to defeat their foes and bring some semblance of closure to the entire proceedings.

Garados had fled when he learned of the attack from the heroes. A secret missive from Arlissa granted him the opportunity to slip out and set his trap. The loss of his imp was a painful sacrifice, especially as it served as his conduit to the Lich King, but one that had to be made to ensure his survival. Under cover of darkness he and Arlissa fled Eldolan in hopes to rebuild their network and attain revenge at these persistent interlopers.

Among Garados’ copious notes left behind in the workshop were the results of experiments that had been enacted to find why the original target of their undead-focusing charm was not affected. According to the results it was concluded that Paffling lacked a mortal soul necessary to attach the negative energy tether. Seeing as Paffling was NOT currently a soulless undead or golem this puzzled the Seeker agents to no end. Instead, the focus charm had bounced from Paffling to Zoristar who was just an unlucky presence nearby the spell. With this news Zoristar could finally release some of his paranoia and begin operations again for his benefactors in Shadowport.

Regarded as heroes, something that Eldolan desperately needed following the ravaging from the Stone Thief, the party found themselves the talk of the town. Drinks were free and plentiful and parties thrown in their honor. One such party – a moonlight masquerade hosted by High Elven nobility – served a dual purpose. Not only were the heroes paraded publicly and bequeathed valuable gifts but also, due to the implication, subtly convinced to undertake a mission on behalf of the Elven court.

A gnome had gone missing. This gnome was a master tinker and genius seemingly as fond of burning his bridges as he was creating marvelous inventions. An automaton art-piece of his had gone rogue and was causing catastrophic damages to the elven garden that housed it. Inigo was to be found, returned, and made to fix the machine before the automaton’s actions brought shame upon the Elven house holding it. Inigo was a slippery quarry though and though proven alive magically was unable to be located.

A previous colleague of Inigo’s, the artificer Firigin, was the best option at finding a lead. Firigin’s workshop was found but in the process of being besieged by agents of the Three. The mercenaries were easily dispatched by a blend of sword, spell, and crab. Firigin’s trust was earned and he shared his love his love of watercolors and his distaste of capricious gnomes. Firigin had built a device to find Sharpe at one point but given up on the endeavor of vengeance and had no qualms with handing the vehicle of his revenge over. It was a boat…

The magical boat had been built to always track Sharpe who was known to flee from port to port along the Midland Sea. With a simple trade of a secret and a song the skiff pulled the group from the shore and into adventure. After surviving storms, tasty dolphins, an epic squid vs whale throw-down and a sea monster feeding frenzy the heroes succumbed to exhaustion. Their tiny craft drifted into the Strangle Sea, a weave of debris and magical plant life that served as a floating island. Apparently, according to the wisdom of a boat, Inigo Sharpe was here…somewhere.


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