The Stone Thief

Peru's past

Blessed or Cursed? Part 1

[[:peru-pe-u-lamott | Being a Wood Elf has it’s benefits but with those also comes a price. Some may view immortality as a blessing, but those who aren’t immortal seldom know the pain that comes with it. The loss of loved ones is experienced over and over again, a pain that never really leaves. Time can help heal but it cannot cure the pain completely. I often envy those who are mortal for they can eventually “let go” of all that pain and suffering when their time comes. They can also give back to the “Mother”, energy that is only borrowed when they are alive and returned when they pass on to the next life. This philosophy is called Palurin and is what my people and I truly believe in and follow to it’s core.
All things are connected and some of those connections are stronger than others. If one is able to tap into these ancient powers by meditation then they can track down who their partner may be in this life or even the next. These fated partnerships are called Mella Mellon in Palurin culture and they can literally be with any two species of animal, even if they are different. The High Druid has the ability to sense these partnerships and foretold of the day that the greatest of creatures, a Korru Behemoth, would one day form a Mella Mellon with a member of the Palurin Khiasa tribe.
I was that chosen member. Ever since I could remember, Alta Khiasa, the Korru Behemoth my tribe worships and lives on, had a special interest in me. She, like all other Korru, never paid any heed to anybody, except me. As time passed, Alta Khiasa’s interest in me grew and I could feel an ever growing urge or power that laid dormant inside of me wanting to awake and be released. The sensations grew in strength and I began to understand and feel Alta Khiasa’s emotions and thoughts. She became my dearest friend and we became inseparable.
Those years and memories were the best of my life which I will cherish forever but with love and gain also comes suffering and loss. I will have this pain with me for as long as I live and I am a Wood Elf, cursed as I see it to walk among this world in hiding till the end of time or until I am returned to the Mother by some way, shape or form. If I could take my own life I would but my connection with Alta Khiasa is so strong that it would kill her as well. And here lies my dilemma, I cannot be with my dearest friend for it would destroy the balance of nature and my tribes way of life so I must suffer and stay away at all costs. What happened to make this so? That is a tale for another time….]]


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