The Stone Thief

Sessions 1 & 2

The two thieves

Twoscars wasn’t sold on this particular mob. He had it from a reliable source that the drow mage was cool, having built a reputation back in Shadowport. She was known to be a smooth pair of eyes and a hitter but could be counted on for the quiet game as well. Those others though: The halfling was a pig if he’d ever seen one, the pungent elf was a Mad Tom or a sham Abram at the very least, and the dwarf was probably a rum cull who’d likely crawl in a hole rather than crash the provender. It could all be game though, and one didn’t become Prince Prig by being a bad beak.

These birds of feather were all he had though so he laid out signals. There was some bagged flash over at the Hidden Veil ken that needed heaved. A booze of a rock full of flash that was worth a fat lady of yellow tin. Over the tiltled floor, hoist the stone, then rub it to stop hole abbey. A simple game through and through.

Then some flash cove had to go ruin it by making it personal. Putting the cramp word on Twoscars and sending the rotters to have a chat. Not one to run to the moon pigs for a cackle this bite would be handled in the ken. The mob was rightly sent to hunt the flag waver and play a game of Jack Ketch.

Twoscars had sent the party to track down the person’s responsible for the failed hit earlier that evening. Word on the street was some ressurection men (body thieves) where operating near the docks. One of the moon pigs (night guards) owed money and his key was used to smuggle the rotters into the market. His bookie was tracked down and cackled (informed) on the location of some unsavory customers.

The stop hole abbey (hideout) was sussed out and rounded (burgled). Inside was some sort of two-headed demonic crab beast on guard and a whole slew of infernalists in the midst of some ceremony. The cult was crashed (killed) and their hizzoner’s guest (prisoner) was freed. Some bits (money) made the dead end not sting so much as did the bagged flash (magic item) they found on the cult leader.

After a decent rest the party headed to the temple district to shake down the source of the bodies. Beneath the sacred grounds they found an acolyte that had gone rogue and was raising the dead for some nefarious purpose. He was uncovered and had the upper hand when tragedy struck Eldolan.

The Stone Thief, a massive living dungeon, erupted through the district and wreaked havoc before being driven off by one of the Archmage’s mobile magical artillery stations. Agents of the Archmage cleared the area before using their powerful flash (magic) to seal the crater behind the Stone Thief. Rumor was terrible things traveled in the monster’s wake and this was a fail safe against secondary attack.

The party returned to their inn to regroup and plan their heist now that the wizard’s in charge of protecting the eye were in retreat. At least that’s what they had hoped…


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