The Stone Thief

The Contemplations of a Halfling

First of all, I believe in redemption and understand that not everyone has the full story, so Franklin’s actions in the alley must be approached with care. I have taken life throughout my journeys although the lives I have taken have been in defense of my family and friends, not to mention just simple self-preservation. If this were war, I would understand completely the need to finish opponents as the battle intensified, but this was far from war and these youth, albeit dangerous, were far from trained soldiers. But again, perhaps Franklin believed an unconscious enemy to be a threat and took the opportunity to ensure the threat was completely eliminated. Unfortunately, his actions increased the bloodlust of the group which resulted in the death of six more youth as Kat unleashed her devastating magic. It was a very unfortunate situation, but hopefully, it will be one the group can learn from. Luckily, the Silvershield’s were preoccupied with the madness that had recently befallen the city, so while they would soon dispatch soldier’s to investigate the scene in the alley, they had little time to take a full account of what exactly took place. This had allowed me to return to the theatre in time to aid my companions.

Once again the actions of Franklin nearly cost us, he has certainly become a bit unhinged and unpredictable, but he is handy in a scrap. The events that unfolded beneath the theatre stage were a bit unexpected, yet not completely surprising considering all that has happened as of late. Fortunately, we managed to walk out of there in one piece. I am not a huge fan of taking the belongings of those who have fallen, but I understand the need. Good deeds are often rewarded by the Gods, but city officials seldom reward their heroes or saviors enough to aid them in their continued heroics. Besides, I have even heard that during the crusades there were many who considered the spoils of war to be Godly rewards. Either way, the looting of common street thugs just doesn’t sit well with me. All in all, our theatre escapade bore fruit as we were able to find the Dream Master’s payment log, which has given us new leads. In the meantime, I will continue to observe the actions of this crew. I hope the time never comes, but if the darkness continues to weave its way into their hearts I may be forced to strike out on my own. Perhaps the Silvershield’s would be interested in someone with my particular set of skills.


Vwls Ascetic

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