The Stone Thief

Session 3

The heist

The plan couldn’t be more simple; gain access to the Grounds, break into the Hidden Veil research wing while the wizards were off-site, steal the artifact and escape.

Zoristar Twoscars supplied a rough set of plans of the campus. The guild thief and smuggler had done his due diligence dutifully digging up dirt on the district. This insight would save the crew valuable time in their mission and hopefully avoid a run in with the magicians of the Hidden Veil.

Franklin was able to procure a set of passes for guests into the grounds during the lock down by blackmailing a few dwarven colleagues he’d known to peddle in pocketed potions procured privily. With the precise pressure on his peers powerlessness the proceeds were worth the probable payout.

Pe-u gained the crew access to the research facility. The building was locked down by an ingenious riddle-based passkey system. Only by his extensive education in expressive elven epithets encountered in his elapsed existence could he have elucidated the exact explanation required.

Once inside there were magical protections to contend with and Paffling proved his proverbial physique by planting his ponderous pressure into preventing the painful plunge of his pal into a pit of potential peril. With the traps dealt with it was only a matter of finding the artifact.

The chest containing the eye was found warded from tampering by numerous magical locks and protection magics. There were also enemies, Umbral Hounds, stalking the crew on their illegitimate enterprise. Upon touching the chest and provoking the shadow beasts Katrihil channeled countless charms and cantrips to chastise and cruelly cut at the corrupt canine combatants.

The chest was procured and the crew able to escape all before the magicians knew what had hit them. Zoristar was pleased and paid a reward to the party in potions and coin. He then focused their investigation on the source of hit that had been put on him back in Hawker’s square.

The next clue led to a drug dealer known as the Dream Master. He had traveled from Drakkenhall to sell his mind-addling intoxicants to the miserable wretches of Eldolan. Flunkies from the magic schools as well as those unable to partake of the eldritch arts paid well for the leaf that allowed them to see into the dream realms. Apparently, clientele of his, the poorest and lowest among the dregs of society, had disappeared from the streets and shown back up later among the undead assailants.

With a little bit of force, a dash of fast talking, and a pinch of outright murder the party were able to corner the Dream Master in the basement of his theater hideout. Before he could give himself up though he was ambushed by a former bodyguard who had made the transformation to a ghoulish state of undeath. The abomination was put down and among the notes and ledgers of the drug dealer were clues pointing to the purchaser of the missing dead. A wizard and manager of the Eldolan Lanternwerks by the name of Alrissa.


Just littered with alliteration!!!! :)

Session 3

Big words hurt my head….

Session 3
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