The Stone Thief

Session 4

The one that got away.

The investigators found a new lead in Arlissa Thent. The Dream Master’s own ledgers showed her as a contact and business partner. She had in recent weeks purchased nearly a score of corpses in various conditions through the Dream Master directly. Her organization was listed as ‘Seekers of the Lost’ in the ledgers, a fact that tied up another loose end that had troubled the heroes.

These ‘seekers’ had an ally in the priest Landon who had been animating corpses within the Dead Vaults. If there was a band of rogue necromancers operating under the noses of the Silver Shields it could lead to bigger problems for Eldolan at large. It was decided then and there that this Arlissa Thent would be paid a visit and forced to answer some questions… as soon as the investigators could find out who she was and where she could be found.

Luckily, one of the groups contacts knew where to find Arlissa. She was a mediocre wizard from the Mithril School of Magic who had accepted a position at the Lanternwerks in an administration position. Meeting her would involve finding a way into the Lanternwerks or staking out the office and hopefully catching her as she left. The group discussed their options and decided to try and talk their way into her office.

They were greeted by Cornelius, a gnome employee of the Lanternwerks, who proved to be a curious sort. He asked pointed questions and required details of their intent and credentials before allowing them entry into the employee’s only sections of the facility. Once properly vetted he summoned an owl sprite to guide the party to Arlissa’s office, but not before sending a second owl sprite to notify her of the unusual nature of her guests.

Arlissa knew she was in trouble as soon as she received the message. She called in one of her fellow ‘seekers’ and prepared an ambush just in case this meeting was to turn violent. Her own mastery of traditional magic was weak but her recent delves into necromancy through the ‘seekers’ had given her remarkable power. She had bound the souls of many of the corpses she had gathered into a phylactery she could draw upon to protect and defend herself. It was now time to test this new power.

The party questioned Arlissa directly and while she tried to play coy her eagerness to test her new abilities led her to preemptively attack. Her fellow ‘seeker’ reached out with his own vampiric magic while Arlissa activated an defense gargoyle stationed near her office. Her furniture was used against her in the fight as the group pinned her minion to the wall with her desk while they attempted to corner her. Tapping into her soul powers though she was able to escape through a window and shadow step to safety.

Cornelius showed up to find the meaning of the skirmish and was quickly briefed on the truth of the matter. The gnome then aided the group in searching the office until a note was found in the trash containing damning evidence. Arlissa worked for a man named Garados, an up-and-coming power in Eldolan’s political scene, who had tasked Arlissa with setting up the market attack. Garados owned a shop on the Grounds district specializing in magical oddities that the party had visited once before. A shakedown of his employee at the shop uncovered a secret workshop maintained by Garados beneath the streets of Eldolan.

Once the secret entrance was found to the workshop it was a simple matter of tracking Garados’ movements. The party traveled with haste and fought their way past magical and mundane protections until finally finding the workshop itself. On the other side of the sturdy door they could hear the sounds of voices; Garados and one other, and sense the gathering of magical energies. They had finally tracked down Zoristar’s would be assassin.


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