The Stone Thief

Chaos is as chaos does

From the mind of Katrihil

From the mind of Katrihil

It seemed the wrong thing to do, but the thought was its own and suddenly from my fingertips a pulse of energy unleashed causing great pain to those unfortunate street thugs. A mere thought turned a seeming shortcut through back alleys into ill-fated bloodening and death, thankfully away from prying eyes this time.

What is worse is that as I felt the chaotic force coursing through my very being and reach across a distance just within my line of sight and bring a young man to his knees, I felt invigorated. Alive, satiated. The undercurrent of grief and pain easily overwhelmed by the presence of the many iconic powers that saved us from misfortune.

None of this without a sacrifice of my inner turmoil in questioning, but those are my own thoughts. A higher purpose rules that which puts us on our path. For when I felt the Light of the High Ones blessings as the Elf Queen’s shards of magic manifested around me, all doubt washed over me. Saved again.

Each encounter I feel the effervescence of the Twisted Path as well. The ever present Prince of Shadows steals my heart. With the Prince, I am on the edge of the shadows, the secrets within reach, I am beckoned to step into the shadow with him, an escape most tempting.

How much can I endure? I’ve noticed a physical change, as not all the unnatural side effects of spells wear off these days. So far, I can hide those particulars, but I wonder what else happening that I have yet to notice.

Today I pay homage to the Priestess, to feel her warmth and holy spark marked upon my soul. She will save me from the unrest, bring me back to the light. I am listening for the temple bells that will heal my chaotic scars.

Yet there it is…I feel the ground beneath me tremble, the Orc Lord’s war drums draw closer. No one around me seems to notice, but I feel the strength of his call and am unable to hide the look of readiness at the promise of a battle ahead.

Chaos is as chaos does. Where it leads me I know not, but I will always answer its call.


Vwls Ravenswrath

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